The new citizen energy cooperative of Brussels.

For an energy 100% citizen, 100% Brussels, 100% renewable.

2024: capital reopening

Following the success of the 2023 fund-raising campaign, it is now once again possible to buy shares as a cooperator.

Our goal for 2024: to raise another €400,000 to finance the installation of solar panels.

Update: the tax shelter is no longer available (4/07/2024)

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Our missions

brupower develops three main activities:


We are developing renewable energy projects, namely photovoltaic installations and in the future offshore windturbines (in the sea).

Awareness raising and empowerment

We support initiatives for citizens to be actors of the energy transition in Brussels.


We aim to create a citizen and renewable electricity supplier in Brussels. In the meantime, we are developing energy sharing intiatives.

Our last news

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