Position paper (FR)

First steps to making energy communities a reality

The European framework, via Directive 2019/944 on common rules for the internal electricity market and Directive 2018/2001 on the promotion of the use of energy produced from renewable sources, recognizes new market players: energy communities.

To benefit from the protection of the European regulatory framework, citizens' initiatives must be legal persons, with voluntary and open membership, and above all be "mainly dedicated to social and environmental benefits, rather than financial benefits"Given the context of the adoption and the set of directives, this last condition refers to projects linked to the social economy (for example: Les Petits Riens stores that carry out a commercial activity). Indeed, their main objective is not to benefit the founders, but to finance specific activities such as the fight against poverty.

Find the position paper to set up energy communities here (fr version): 

Narrative paper (FR)